How to Type assignments in your Handwriting in 10 easy steps.

In a world where we're more used to typing than writing stuff down, typing assignments in your own handwriting can be revolutionary. Turning your handwriting into a font you mostly use can make things different and make your life fairly easy. Especially when we're living in a world of online classes and tons of assignments. Question is, how? No worries, we've got you


Calligraphr, a popular and easy to use portal, is here to fulfil all your desires.

You can follow the simple steps given below to convert your handwriting into a font :

1. Go to Set up a free account with the help of your e-mail.

2. Once you've logged in comfortably, get started with the creation of fonts. Go to the "Template" section.

3. Create a template of your choice.

In the free version, only a limited amount of characters can be converted but you can always buy a premium if you need it.

4. Print out the downloaded template file and fill in the required characters in your own handwriting. Scan the filled-in template (using a scanner or a smartphone, whatever you prefer).

5. Now, go to the "My Fonts" section and upload the scanned copy of the filled-in template.

6. Preview the uploaded alphabets and punctuations.

You can now add the characters to your fonts. If you have any issue with the position or shape of any letter, you can easily click on the desired character and change its settings.

7. Go to the "Edit Font Details" and set the spacing and size values accordingly.

8. Now, click on the "Build Font" button and download the font file.

9. For installation, if you use windows, you can either copy and paste the .ttf file into your Fonts folder or you can right-click and select ‘Install’. If you use Mac, you can either copy and paste the file into Font Book or preview the file and select Install Font.

10. For making an assignment look more real and reliable, just go to and upload your font. Now, just type in whatever you want and have the assignment on the go. That easy.

This change in your normally used fonts might be a small one but it can be impactful. Start exploring the world in this new light and go win it!

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