How to upgrade branch in Btech AMU? (complete process)

Updated: Mar 12

One sheet of paper does not define your true strengths and weaknesses, or your choices. Students at any engineering college get their respective engineering branches through the merit they hold in the entrance examination which is based on the priority given by the student to each branch.

As a consequence, sometimes, one may end up with a study field that they might not have wanted to choose, as a profession in the future because they couldn’t score well enough. For all those people, if you’ve thought about it earlier, it might not be the end of your world. As many students drop out of college in their first year, due to several reasons, their departure paves way for other students who wanted those seats earlier but could not get them. So, life may not give you second chances often, but engineering colleges do. Let’s see how!

Table of contents :

  • What is the criterion?

  • What is the application process?

  • Who can apply?

  • Who can not apply?

  • Where to apply?

  • Previous year cutoff's

What is the criterion?

The up-gradation process of different branches is based on how well one performs in the examination and assessments given in his/her first year of the degree. There are two semesters in the first year where, based on one’s scores, they receive a Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) at the end of each semester. The average of the two CPIs becomes the total CPI of the year. Now, multiple students apply for the very few seats which are available and the judgment of this race becomes dependent on the cumulative scores of each applicant. This may seem like a tedious process but since it is a second chance, one should be grateful that they’re even getting one.

Who can apply?

According to an official notice released, Students admitted to I year Btech and who have cleared all the prescribed courses (i.e. who have earned full credits during First & Second Semester combined) of I year Btech, class at their regular End Semester Examination will only be considered for a change of branch at II Year Btech level.

Who can not apply?

Branch up-gradation is not applicable for the Rank Holders of Diploma in Engineering of this University & NRI admitted against reserved seats.

What is the application process?

One needs to fill out an application form to sit through this process of upgrading. In this, they’re asked about what branches they want to apply for according to their preference. You can fill three choices at maximum in order of your preference.

Where to apply?

The application form is available in the ‘Forms’ section of the official website of the R.P. Unit, ZHCET

IMPORTANT NOTE : Change of branch will be final. request for retaining the old branch will not be entertained

That is all you need to know about the up-gradation process. Good luck!

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